Thursday, April 11, 2013

Worst Plastic Surgery: Horrible Story

It is found that horrible surgery result can happen for various kinds of surgery. It is not merely about surgery in medication, but cosmetic surgery is also one field of surgery that can bring patients to get bad result. Well, from cosmetic surgery reviews on the internet, you are going to find out a lot of experiences of people with cosmetic surgery. Many of them tell good story about the result of cosmetic surgery that they have done. It is found that there are many successful result of cosmetic surgery for various parts of body including face, nose, breast, and many others. However, from the reviews of cosmetic surgery we can also find that there are bad plastic surgeries that are suffered by many people.

Experiences of Worst Plastic Surgery

It is found that many people often reach plastic surgery for their face. In addition, since face is one part of body that is exposed, a result of bad plastic surgery can be easily revealed. From the facial plastic surgery, it can be found that there are many cases of plastic surgery in failure. The failure mostly brings the face to be ugly. On the internet you can see many pictures of people with unsuccessful cosmetic surgery. Their faces become unnatural. Extreme unsuccessful plastic surgery can be found with eyebrows with unnatural position. In many cases, they are found too far from the eyes. In addition, there are also many cases of unsuccessful cosmetic surgery where the shape of the nose is weird.

Concrete Sample of Bad Plastic Surgery

One sample of plastic surgery that does not result well is Michael Jackson. Many people say that his face becomes like clown after the surgery. Moreover, the other patients of unsuccessful plastic surgery get their lips too wide. Since there are many cases of worst plastic surgery, you better be careful if you want to have one.

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