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Constipation after Surgery: Information that Patient Must Know

When talking about the after surgery of constipation, it is certain the talk will totally be different from side effect of plastic surgery. The after surgery is surely things that people have to do so that the result of the surgery can finally be said to be 100% perfect. To give more information for patients who are about to get the surgery, here, some tips will be shared. By the tips, it is hoped that more patients will know about the case so that all of them will be able to live normally and of course healthily.

What to Eat During Constipation after Surgery

The first thing that people have to pay attention to in the after surgery of constipation is the foods they eat. Of course, for these people, choosing any foods they would like to eat is not allowed. During the after surgery, which is actually also the recovery process that they must pass, people are allowed to eat certain types of food only. The examples of food they can eat are nutritional foods. Of course, more amount of water is also suggested to be taken in each day to make the recovery process better and also to avoid some further constipation to occur sometime in the future.
What to Do in Constipation after Surgery

In the after surgery, people are not only objected to eat certain types of food only. Besides, they also have to do several things that will make the process can be passed faster. After the surgery, people can do some very light exercise, such as slow walking, instead of just laying on bed because of a small pain they feel after the surgery. Even it is fine for those people to use painkiller, it is not suggested for them to depend of it too much. It will be good for them to reduce the usage from time to time so that they can finally pass the constipation after surgery without painkiller at all. DRRUWV4UJPF7

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